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How to create and join Halo 5 lobby ?

Creating a lobby

  1. Log on your Xbox Live account and open Halo 5.
  2. On the home screen of Halo 5, choose multiplayer and then custom game.

  1. Key in the following settings. Here’s where you can find the settings: https://support.mogul.gg/knowledge/halo-esports-arena-tournament-rules 

  1. Once all players (total of 6) are in the lobby, proceed with starting the match.

Note: The host must provide their Xbox Gamertag in Mogul match chat so the rest of the group can add you in-game. The host is responsible for accepting their friend invite and invite them to the game lobby.



Joining a lobby

  1. To join a lobby, kindly wait for the host to send you an invitation on Xbox Live.
  2. There should be a notification once the invitation is sent to your account.
  3. Go to your notifications and look for the lobby invite.
  4. Go to the lobby and wait for the host to start the match.


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