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What is Razer Silver?

    Razer Silver is Razer’s loyalty reward credits that are awarded to you when you purchase games and digital content using Razer Gold, or when you engage in software services such as Razer Cortex, Razer Insider and Mogul. 


    When you rack up enough Razer Silver, you get to redeem a suite of great rewards, from Razer hardware to digital rewards such as Steam games and exclusive discount vouchers on various lifestyle brands. Stay updated on exclusive Razer Silver events and monthly rewards here.


    Does Razer Silver expire?

    Subsequent Razer Silver earned within a single month will expire after 12 months at the end of the month.

    The unclaimed Razer Silver in your Mogul wallet will expire after a month.


    Is there a balance limit on my Razer Wallet?

    You can only keep a maximum of 300,000 Razer Silver in your account. Any further Razer Silver earned and claimed will be forfeited. We highly advise you to keep using your Razer Silver balance to redeem rewards.


    Limitations of Razer Gold will vary by currency and type of your account.
    For the limit of each currency, you can check on the Razer site here under the “How do I increase my wallet limit? section.


    How can I secure my Wallet?

    To protect your RazerID, never share or give out your login credentials to anyone. Razer and Mogul will never ask you for your password. Avoid logging into your RazerID on shared computers and scan your personal computer regularly for spyware, keyloggers and viruses that can steal your personal information. If you have lost access to your RazerID, please contact Razer Support for account recovery assistance.


    How can I delete my Wallet?

    You may permanently delete your RazerID and this will terminate your associations with all Razer services including Wallet. Please note that all remaining Razer Gold and Razer Silver balances will automatically be removed and this process cannot be reversed.


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    Razer Silver and Razer Gold are products of Razer Inc. For more information, please review their Razer Help Center, or reach out to their Customer Support.