Age of Empires II - Asia Cup Rules


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Steam Version Only
Age of Empires II Asia Cup is only accepting competitors using the Steam version of Age of Empires II. Game versions from Xbox Game Pass or the Microsoft Store are not eligible for competition within this tournament. 

Region Restrictions

Age of Empires II Asia cup is restricted to participants within the following countries: 

Allowed Countries
Australia Japan Malaysia Philippines
Indonesia South Korea New Zealand Singapore
India Thailand Vietnam  


Players who are outside the allowed countries may be accepted. We can make exceptions to players who are traveling to a different country for a few days. If you are out of country for an extended period we will have to remove you in the ladders. If you have a concern regarding this, feel free to contact us by reaching out to our admins or by sending us an email at

Map Veto and Map Pool

Map veto will occur for every match that takes place. The best of series will determine how many maps are picked, banned, or randomized for play. The order of map play will be defined through the veto process and should not be deviated from.


Acropolis Cenotes Golden Swamp
Arabia Four Lakes Hideout
Arena Golden Pit Islands


Lobby and Game Settings: 

Need a little extra help or detail with lobby and game setup? 
Check out our Lobby Setup and Gameplay Guide.


The player on the left of the Mogul match lobby is responsible for creating the game lobby.


Lobby Name: Mogul - [Match ID] Hide Civilizations: Yes
Visibility: Public Spectator Delay: 10 Minutes
Players: 2 *Server: [Server Location]
Set Password: MogulAOE Data Mod: Definitive Set
Allow Spectators: Yes    

*Server [Server Location] - Server selection process will differ based on best of series.
BO1 - The defender/player on the right side of the Mogul match lobby will pick.
Bo3 - Map 1: defender/player on the right side of the Mogul match lobby will pick.
Map 2: attacker/player on the left side of the Mogul match lobby will pick.
Map 3: southeastasia


Game Mode: Random Map Game Speed: Normal
Map Style: Standard Reveal Map: Normal
Location: *Veto Starting Age: Standard (Dark)
Map Size: Tiny (2 Player) Ending Age:  Standard (Imperial)
AI Difficulty: Standard Treaty Length:  None
Resources: Standard Victory: Conquest
Population: 200    

*VETO - Before each match starts players will have the opportunity to pick or ban maps. 
Bo1 - Each player will ban 2 maps (4 total map bans) from a pool of 9.
The map to play will be randomized from the remaining pool of 5.
Bo3 - Each player will take turns banning 1 map, picking 1 map, then banning 1 map.
From a pool of 9 maps that's 4 maps banned and 2 maps picked.
The third map will be randomized from the remaining pool of 3.
Lock Teams: Yes Team Positions: No
Team Together: Yes Shared Exploration: No
Lock Speed: Yes Full Tech Tree:  No
Allow Cheats: No Record Game: Yes
Turbo Mode:  No    


Once both players are ready, start the game.

The game concludes when one player destroys all of their opponent's units and buildings. 

Game Disconnections: 

Should at any point during gameplay you or an opponent disconnect from a match please immediately do the following:

  1. Without taking any further action in game, save then exit.
  2. Contact an admin through your Mogul match lobby to inform them that a disconnection has occurred.
    1. A loss will be given to the disconnected player automatically. An admin will need to correct the automatic loss if the game is able to be restored.
  3. Send the game replay where the disconnection occurred to being sure to reference both Tournament ID and Match ID.
    1. We require this as evidence in your defence should a dispute arise. 
    2. How to find and send your game replays
  4. Attempt to communicate with your opponent in the Mogul match lobby.
    1. The disconnected player will have 10 minutes from when admin assistance was requested to return and communicate in the Mogul match lobby.
    2. If the disconnected player fails to return in that time their loss will stand.
  5. If your opponent returns prior to that 10 minute period you are expected to resume your game. Please follow these instructions on how to restore your saved game:
    1. On the AOE II: DE main menu select 'Saves and Replays'.
    2. Select the save game you wish to restore, then click 'Load Game'.
    3. Invite your opponent to the game lobby via Steam.
    4. Start the game and play to completion.
  6. As soon as your restored game is complete under the standard win conditions, immediately contact an admin through your Mogul match lobby to inform them of the completed game and winner.  

Laming / Exploits

The Mogul administration team will not take a stance against any gameplay strategy. 

However, the use of palisades to remove an opponent's partially cut trees is prohibited. 

As outlined in the Mogul Usage Policy we will not tolerate game exploits. 

When reporting an opponent for exploit usage or the removal of partial cut trees, please send the game replay where the issue occurred to being sure to reference both Tournament ID and Match ID. Please also provide clear detail on the issue and at what point in game the issue occured. For help locating your game replay file, please reference this article

Score Submission

  • Players are not required to submit their scores. Mogul's AOE II DE integration will ensure that your score for each match is updated automatically.
  • Players must capture screenshots of the match results should a dispute arise with automated score reporting. In extreme cases, the game replay will be requested and must be made available to tournament admins for review. 
  • Please review this help center article for more detail on score and screenshot submission.

General Rules

Acknowledgement of Rules and Regulations:

By registering to participate, players acknowledge to comply with the rules and regulations of Mogul and with any decisions made by the staff of Mogul. Please reference the Mogul Usage Policy for more details.

Unsportsmanlike Behavior:

Be respectful of each other. Mogul has a zero-tolerance policy against bullying or hate speech, racist language, harassment and/or disrespectful behaviour on the platform at all times. Players caught doing any of the above while on the platform will result in an immediate disqualification and site ban. Please reference the Mogul Usage Policy for more details.

Delay of the Game:

Every participant must make sure to perform any updates or installations before the game. Any delays that impact the flow of the tournament will result in disqualification from that tournament.

Match Rescheduling:

Match rescheduling is not permitted in the Asia Cup. Matches must be played at the scheduled time as defined on the Schedule tab of this tournament page.


Should delay of the tournament occur preventing subsequent matches from being created, the Mogul platform will automatically reschedule matches at several minute intervals and will continue to do so until the tournament is capable of proceeding. Please keep an eye on the Schedule tab to remain abreast of changes to match times.

Streaming and VODs:

You do not need special permission to stream or upload VODs from your Mogul tournaments. The only thing we ask is that you give us a shoutout! Also, you may want to consider adding a delay to your stream so you don’t have to worry about your positioning/strategies being compromised by your opponents. Usage Policy