Brawl Stars

In this article, you will learn how to register and enter a match in Brawl Stars

Prerequisites: Brawl Stars account that is bound on your Mogul account.

If your account is not yet bound on Mogul, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the tournament link.
  2. Click "Register" on the tournament (as shown below).
  3. Add your Brawl Stars tag. Make sure that the code you input is correct.
  4. Choose between competing as a team or solo player (PUG type).
  5. Set your skill level.
  6. Enter your Discord ID (optional) and click Add Discord.
    skip bug
  7. A confirmation message will show up once the registration is successful.



Entering a match:

  1. When the tournament goes live, go to your match lobby and click Play Now. This can be found on the right upper side of your screen. From a mobile perspective, the image below will show up on your phone's web browser.
    play now
  2. Next, check-in and ready up.
    ready up
  3. When all players are ready, a countdown will begin on the Mogul platform, and in a few seconds, you will receive an invitation in Brawl Stars to participate in a match. Make sure Brawl Stars is open on your phone to receive the invite.
  4. Ready up and play the match. The tournament is fully automated so there's no need to report a score.
    tap ready
  5. If there's any problem with the match, do not hesitate to call the admins in lobby or you may send live chat support.