Clash Royale

How to join a match

Here are the steps required to join a match in Clash Royale.

Prerequisites: Make sure your Clash Royale account is bound to your Mogul account, and that you are registered to a tournament. If your account is not yet bounded, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the tournament page.
  2. Click Register.
  3. Key in your Clash Royale Tag and API key. If you are not sure how to find this info, please scroll down.

    Where to find your Clash Royale Tag:
    - Open your Clash Royale game
    - Tap your nickname/IGN on the home screen (as shown below)

    - Under your IGN/nickname, you should see a unique code (crossed out for privacy concerns). This is your Clash Royale Tag

    Where to find your API Key:
    - To see the API key, please go back to the home screen and tap the 3 horizontal lines on the right side of your Clash Royale screen.

    - Tap settings and look for the API token. It is located below and is on a grayed scale. By tapping the API token twice, your unique code will be shown. This is your Clash Royale API key.
  4. After validating the game, a message will show up on your screen to confirm your registration.



Entering a match:

  1. When the tournament goes live, click "Play Now"
    play now
  2. In the match, make sure you check-in and ready up.
    ready up
  3. When you and your opponent are both ready, a countdown timer will show up.
  4. When the timer hits zero, you must have received the invite to 1v1. Make sure that Clash Royale is open to receive the invitation.
  5. Clash Royale is fully automated so there's no need to report the score. If there's any problem with the match, please do not hesitate to call the attention of the admins.

Things to consider: Make sure you accept the match in time. Not accepting the match invite may result in disqualification.