Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    CS:GO is an automated game on Mogul. This means the creation of in-game lobbies and score reporting is done automatically for you. Make sure your correct Steam account is linked on Mogul when first registering for the tournament.


        1. Open up the game, Check in and Ready up on your Mogul match lobby. Once both players are readied the CS:GO server details will pop up.

        2. Copy the connection info and paste it into your CSGO Console (accessed by enabling it through options and using the ~ key by default) to join the server.
          1. You can automatically connect to the server but we recommend manually connecting
            for the best experience (avoiding FPS drops).
        3. Press Enter and your match will start loading.


        How do I open the console?

        1. Go to In game settings and click UI Keys, navigate Toggle Console then set the keyboard letter of your preference.
        2. Go back to the main menu and press the key that you’ve set to toggle console, simply copy paste match details provided in your match lobby and press Enter.