Create a new Team

How to: Create a new Team

    Go to your Mogul Profile by clicking on your Profile on the top right and click on "My Profile".
    Profile pic-png-2
    • Once you are on your Mogul Profile click on the "TEAMS" Tab and Click on "Create New Team"
    • Enter your Unique "Team Name" and the "Team join-code", click Create and you are all set to recruit new members.

    What is the Join Code?

    The Join code is a password set by the Team Owner upon creation of the Team. It can be set alphabetically or numeric or a combination of both.

    Who can use a Join Code?

     The code is used by Team Owners and members alike to invite more players to join their Team. 

    When to use a Join Code?

    The only time a player will be required to use the join code is when he is trying to join a team.