Joining a team tournament is all about strategy, teamwork, and collaboration. If you’re looking for a discord channel, look no further as we don’t just host tournaments but we have a dedicated discord channel for competitive gaming and casual chat. We have a wide variety of channels available for you, and we’re always listening to suggestions from the community to expand. 


Here’s what you can find on our community discord:

  • General discussion section
    • Mogul Announcements
    • Global Chat
    • Arena Tournaments 
    • Off-Topic Chat
    • Looking-for-team Channel 
  • Dedicated voice channels
  • Game lobbies for 10 supported games. 


Join us today!


Discord Community Benefits 

Joining our Discord community doesn’t just mean you can search for a team and chat all things esports with us. We also run special community giveaways and competitions that are exclusive to Discord. From time to time, there may also be Discord spot prizes for engaged users, so join us and get ready to win! 


Discord Community Rules 

As with our Mogul platform, on our Mogul Discord community, we want to maintain a fun and safe place for gamers. We do not tolerate players who exhibit inappropriate behaviour. Players who exhibit inappropriate behaviour may be removed from the Discord Community and penalised on the Mogul platform depending on the gravity of the offence. For more information on bans and penalties, read our Mogul Usage Policy. 


For any tournament support enquiry, please don’t hesitate to request an admin through your match lobby. For other inquiries, feel free to contact us by sending an email to