Dota 2

    Dota 2 is an automated game on Mogul. This means the creation of in-game lobbies and score reporting is done automatically. Couriers are automatically deployed.

    Make sure your correct Steam account is linked on Mogul when first registering for the tournament.


        1. Open the game, Check in and Ready up on your Mogul match lobby. Once both players are ready, go into your Dota 2 game and there will be an invite to a lobby waiting for you.

          Make it possible to receive invites from non-friends in Dota 2
          Dota> Settings> Options> Advanced> Social> Uncheck “Block party Invites from non-friends”

        2. Accept this invite to join the lobby. If the invite does not show up, go back to your match lobby page and ‘resend’ the invite.

        3. Click join to choose your side either The Radiant or The Dire. You can not choose the same side with your opponent.

        4. As our tournament is Shadow Fiend Mid only, you will locate the hero under Agility section.

        5. Confirm your hero and wait for the match to start.