Halo 5

Halo 5

    Getting Started with Halo 5 on Mogul
    Its time to participate in a Halo 5 tournament; Here's how:
    • Once you get into the tournament page you would like to participate. proceed by clicking on "Register Now" to continue with the game Validation
    • Game Validation is where you will link your Xbox gamertag with Mogul in order to participate in Halo 5 Tournaments. After this process, all you need to do is wait for the tournament to go live and enjoy the match


    Getting ready for your match:

    • When the tournament goes live, click "Play Now"
    • In the match, make sure you check-in by clicking "Check In now!" button and wait for everyone in the match to check in as well.
    • Click "Playing" button then click "Submit score" to enter your score and upload match evidence.

    Match procedure:

    1. Log on to your Xbox account.
    2. From your home, access your games and select Halo 5.
    3. On Halo 5's homepage, choose the multiplayer and then the custom game.
    4. Set the specifics according to the rules and start the game.