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Halo 5 Tournament procedures

How to compete in Kellogg’s Halo 5 Tournament


Match Lobby Check-in

  • Once the tournament starts and it’s time for your match, the “Play Now” button will show up at the top right corner of your screen. Click it to proceed to your match lobby. 



  • Or you can go to your match lobby by going to the “Schedule” tab and clicking “Enter your match lobby”

  • On your match page, click the “Check-in now!” button in order to ready up. 
  • The match check-in will be open 15 minutes before the match start time
  • Players must check-in within 5 minutes after match start time to avoid forfeited from the tournament

  • Once all players have checked in, the “Playing” icon will light up which means all players are standing by and ready to play. 

To start the game, a player must follow the player responsibilities below;

Player Responsibilities:
1.) The first player of the group is responsible for creating a game lobby following by the game setting from the tournament rules
2.) The first player of the group will be providing their Xbox Gamertag in the tournament match chat on your right-hand side
3.) The rest of the group is responsible for adding the first player in-game, then accept the game invite.
4. Once all players have joined the lobby the first player must start the game.


*Please note that communicating in the match lobby is very important. 

After the match is completed, the first and second players of the group is responsible for submitting a screenshot of the match scoreboard.


Submitting Scores and Match Evidence


  • Submitting scores can be done by clicking on the “Submit score” button once you’re in the Playing state

  • Match evidence must be uploaded for admin to verify and enforce your score.
  • You can get a screenshot by using your phone to take a picture of your screen then upload it from your phone, or any other way is fine. The screenshot must be clear enough for the admin to verify the player's name and placement.




  • Once your score has been tallied, the tournament status will be changed to “Completed”.  Click “View the leaderboard” for the final results.