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Halo 5 Esports Arena Tournament Rules

How to Join the Tournament?

Players must purchase one of the participating products at a participating Walmart store to get a code to join the tournament. [See instructions here]

Got Any Questions? 

Read the FAQs

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Email us at Support@mogul.gg

Tournament Requirements

Validate the Game

When validating the game, players are required to provide the same name as your IGN that you will be using to compete in the tournament. 


  • The player must be present at the tournament page and perform a check-in prior to starting time. The check-in period will be open at 10:00am PST and ending at 11:45am PST. Failure to check-in will result in losing your seat for the tournament.
  • When the tournament starts, a Play Now button will appear on the top right of your screen, click to go to your match page.
  • Click on Check in button in order to ready up. 
  • When all players are ready, the match will go live, and it’s time to play!

Failure to present and check-in within 5 minutes after the match time will result in disqualification

Game installations 

Every participant must perform any updates or installations before the game. Any delays that impact the flow of the tournament will result in disqualification.

Tournament Format

  • All matches will be played in FFA mode
  • Once the tournament starts, the players will be grouped into 6 players per group
  • The players will play 2 games per round
  • Points awarded will be based on placement 
  • After 2 games, 3 players with the lowest points are eliminated from each
    groups while the top 3 move on to the next round.
  • This continues until we have our final 6 players where they will play 5 games to
    determine the final placements.

Match Procedure

Player Responsibilities

  • The players are required to check in from their match lobby before starting to play each match. 
  • The first player of each group is responsible for creating a game lobby and inviting opponents to the game. See below for the lobby setting.
  • The first player of the group will be providing their Xbox Gamertag in the tournament group chat.
  • The rest of the group is responsible for adding the first player in-game, then accept the game invite from him/her.
  • Once all players have joined the lobby the first player must start the game.

Admin will announce who will be responsible for creating the lobby in the match chat

Submitting Scores

The first and second players in the group are responsible for reporting a score at each match’s end. Players must upload screenshots of the match scoreboard via Submit Score button on Mogul match page.

You can get a screenshot by using your phone to take a picture of your screen then upload it from your phone. The screenshot must be clear enough for the admin to verify the player’s name and placement. See example

All players are responsible for reporting their own score, see a scoring session on how scoring works.


Make sure your connection is strong and stable enough to play in the tournament. 

Restarting the game will be situation based and depends on admin discretion. 


1st  6 points

2nd 5 points

3rd  4 points

4th  3 points

5th  2 points

6th  1 points

Example; If you placed 1st you must report 6 points, if you placed 2nd you must report 5 points, and so on.


The player with the best overall game placement will be qualified for the next round

Winning conditions

Reach 25 kills to win the game. The player with the highest score on the leaderboard wins.

Game Settings


  • Primary Weapon: Magnum
  • Initial Frags Grenades: 2
  • Max Frag Grenades: 2
  • Initial Plasma Grenades: 0
  • Max Plasma Grenades: 2
  • Initial Splinter Grenades: 0
  • Max Splinter Grenades: 2


  • Game 1 - Regret HCS FFA
  • Game 2 - Truth HCS FFA
  • Placed Weapons: On
  • Placed Weapon Pads: On
  • Placed Vehicles: On
  • Indestructible Vehicles: Off
  • Placed Grenades: On
  • Placed Powerups: On


  • Time: 8 Seconds
  • Suicide Penalty Time: None
  • Betrayal Penalty Time: None
  • Suppress Follow Camera Control: Off

Player Traits


  • Shield Percentage: 100%
  • Shield Recharge Speed: 100%
  • Shield Recharge Wait Time: 100%
  • Shield HUD Visibility: On
  • Shield Effects: On
  • Shield Vampirism: 0%
  • Shield %:Normal


  • Health Percentage: 100%
  • Health Recharge Speed: 100%
  • Health Recharge Wait Time: 100%
  • Health Vampirism: 0%

Damage Resistance

  • Damage Resistance: 100%
  • Damage Indicators: On
  • Deathless: Off

Motion Sensor

  • Motion Sensor: On
  • Inner Range: 100%
  • Smart-Link Motion Sensor: Off
  • Radar/Motion Tracker MODE: Off
  • Inner Range:60%
  • Base movement speed visibility:Off
  • Visible when clambering:Off
  • Visible when meleeing:Off


  • Melee Damage: 100%
  • Melee Knockback: 100%
  • Assassination Speed: 100%
  • Assassination Immunity: Off

Thruster Pack

  • Thruster Pack: On
  • Speed: 100%
  • Recharge Delay: 100%
  • Activation Cost: 100%


  • Damage: 100%
  • Grenade Knockback: 100%
  • Grenade Throw Speed: 100%
  • Explosion Radius: 100%

Spartan Charge

  • Spartan Charge: off

Ground Pound

  • Ground Pound: Off
  • Damage: 100%
  • Knockback: 100%
  • Auto Activate Time: 100%
  • Fall Speed: 100%


  • Sprint: On
  • Time to Max Sprint Speed: 100%
  • Max Sprint Speed: 100%
  • Reload While Sprinting: Off
  • Reset Shield Recharge: On
  • Stopping Power: On
  • Max Slide Distance: 100%
  • Slide Speed: 100%


  • Stabilizer: On
  • Duration: 100%
  • Anti-Gravity: 100%

Base Movement

  • Movement Speed: 100%
  • Forward Speed: 100%
  • Strafe Speed: 100%
  • Forward Acceleration: 100%
  • Strafe Acceleration: 100%


  • Jump Height: 100%
  • Clamber: On
  • Clamber Speed: 100%
  • Jump Gravity: 100%

Power Ups

  • Camo: Off

General Rules

Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

Be respectful of each other. There is zero tolerance against hate speech, racist language, or disrespectful behavior.


Bugs and Glitches

Stay away from any bugs. glitches, or exploits that diminishes the competitive integrity of a match. Mogul reserves the right to use our discretion in issuing a match disqualification and warning to any perpetrators.

Esports Arena Terms of Service

Begins 2/8/21 and ends 3/15/21. Open to legal residents of US & DC, 16+ and are members of KFR. Subject to complete terms and conditions at www.KFR.com/EsportsArena; includes a full list of participating products. 


Participating product(s) must be purchased between 2/8/21 – 3/15/21. Receipts must be uploaded to www.KFR.com/EsportsArena and must be submitted within thirty (30) days of purchase; no later than 4/14/21. Void where prohibited. 


Sponsor: Kellogg Company, One Kellogg Square, Battle Creek, MI 49016