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How do I create an account in Mogul?

    In this article, we’ll teach you how to sign up to Mogul where you can win awesome prizes just by playing your favorite games! 

    Follow this step by step guide

    1. Go to https://mogul.gg/
    2. Click Login
    3. Enter a valid email address or click sign up using Razer ID or Facebook.
      1. To sign up using email address fill in the following:
        1. Email Address
        2. Username
        3. Password
        4. Tick on the 2 boxes below
        5. Click Create my account

      2. To sign up using Razer ID:
        1. Click “Play at Mogul with Razer ID
        2. Login you Razer ID by entering your registered email and password
        3. Click Authorize 
        4. Create your Unique Username for Mogul
        5. Tick the 2 tick boxes below
        6. Click Create my account


        1. To sign up using Facebook:
          1. Enter your Username
          2. Enter your email address
          3. Tick on the 2 tick boxes below
          4. Click “Create my account”





      Note: Check on your registered email and confirm your email address