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How to Check-in and Ready up on your Match Lobby (Applies to all Games PC and Mobile Perspective)

When the tournament is live and your match is ready a PLAY NOW window will be shown on the top right corner for PC users and center of the screen for mobile users.

In order to go to your match lobby you need to click on the PLAY NOW button.


On your match lobby you need to press the CHECK-IN and READY UP button to avoid being forfeited by the system.

Fortnite 2

Fortnite 3

Your match will start after both players readied up

If the game is on MANUAL MODE you need to create your own lobby following match procedure and report your scores after your game is done.

You can REPORT SCORE and submit MATCH EVIDENCE by clicking the BURGER-like button.

If the tournament is AUTOMATED, you'll receive an in-game invitation to your game lobby and after the game it will automatically finalize the score. 


For team check-in, all the players on the team should CHECK-IN  and READY UP in order for the Team Leader to SET TEAM READY 


Checking-in, Ready-up, and Match Menu on Mobile perspective

When you are logged in on Mobile. You will be redirected to the Play Now Screen when your tournament starts.

Play Now - Mobile Perspective

Check-In - Mobile Perspective

After tapping the Play Now button you will be directed to your match lobby to check-in.


Ready-Up - Mobile Perspective

After checking in make sure to Ready-up to avoid disqualification.

Reporting Score, Submitting Match evidence - Mobile perspective

Tap on the circle with lines in the center to access the Menu. Request Admin- If you have any concerns or questions with the Match. Report score - If you wanted to manually report your score. Match Evidence - If you wanted to upload the Match Summary to justify the score you reported.