Here are the things you need to submit:

  • CS:GO
    1. IGN of the reported player.
    2. Tournament ID.
    3. Link to DEM files.
    4. The specific time where suspected hacking took place (for example: at 09:10 until 10:15).
    5. Relevant demo ticks that show cheating. 
    6. Other evidence that will support the report.

  • Apex Legends
    1. IGN of reported player.
    2. Tournament ID.
    3. Reporting player must spectate the suspected hacker.
    4. Take a clip which will be enough for us to conclude that wrongdoing was done.
    5. Upload the video to YouTube as an unlisted video and give us the link to view. 

We take these reports very seriously and any user found to be cheating will be banned from the platform.

We will NOT accept cheating reports for any game if you only provide the player name. You must give us enough information so that we can efficiently review the evidence. We will not review a player with just a link to a demo file, you must be more specific.