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Halo 5 Esports Arena Tournament FAQs

What is the KFR x Esports Arena Halo 5 Tournament? 

Kellogg's Family Rewards and Esports Arena have partnered up to create an online tournament series that features Halo 5.

By purchasing a participating product, you will receive a code that can be used to enter into 1 of the 4 qualifier tournaments. Winning one of the qualifier events will grant you an invite to participate in the final event.

All qualifier tournaments have $2,500 up for grabs as well as a chance for a spot in the $15,000 final event.

How to join the tournament ?


  • Players must purchase one participating product at a participating Walmart store.
  • Purchases must be made between 2/8/2021 and 3/15/2021.


 Take a picture of your receipt. 

  • Go to www.KFR.com/EsportsArena to log in/register and upload your receipt(s). 
  • For longer receipts, take pictures in sections and upload all photos from one receipt at the same time.
    • Only upload one receipt at a time. 
  • Ensure the store name, date, bar code (if available), items, and prices are legible in your photo(s).
    • Star the participating products on your receipt for quicker verification. 
  • Once your receipt has been processed and approved, you will receive credit in your KFR account.


  • Once you have earned 1 credit, a code will be received via email that can be redeemed on the Esports Arena website for entry and participation into the Esports Arena Tournament.

Where do I go to register for the tournament after I have received the code via my KFR account?


Need Help ?

Join Halo Discord community and communicate with other players or ask questions

Halo Esports Arena Tournament Help 

Tournament Rules

Please refer to this article Rules

What is the top 6 prize pool breakdown? 

1st - $1,200 

2nd - $600 

3rd - $300 

4th - $200 

5th - $100 

6th - $100

Do I have to live in the United States to participate in the tournament? 

Yes. You must be a legal resident of the fifty United States and/or the District of Columbia and be 16 years of age or older to participate. 

Can I participate in all 4 of the qualifier event days? 

Yes. As long as you have not already placed in the top two players during a previous qualifier event then you will be able to participate. 

When are the qualifier events? 

There are a total of 4 qualifier events, each of the following days at the same time: : April 18th and 25th as well as May 2nd and 9th. Each qualifier will have a check in process starting at 10am PST and ending at 1145am PST with the events first round starting at 12pm PST

When is the finale event? 

The finale event will take place on May 16th at 12pm PST

What happens if I win a qualifier event? 

If you place in the top 6 of a qualifier event you will be rewarded with a cash prize according to your placement from a prize pool of $2,500 per qualifier. If you place first and second in a qualifier event you will be invited to participate in the finale event where you will compete against 7 other players for your share of $15,000

General Promotion Help

Do I need to be a member of Kellogg’s Family Rewards (KFR) to participate? 

Yes. You must register and log into the KFR promotion website in order to upload your receipts for credit and redeem for your reward. To become a registered member of the KFR program and upload your receipts for promotion credit, make sure go to www.KFR.com/EsportsArena 

Do I have to purchase a product to participate? 

Yes. You must purchase one participating product to earn credits to redeem your reward. To view a list of the participating products, please click on the link located on www.KFR.com/EsportsArena or you can view them in the promotion Terms and Conditions. 

Can I redeem more than 1 reward? 

Yes. You can redeem four codes per KFR account. 

When will I receive my reward? 

You will receive an email with the tournament entry code once the receipt has been processed and approved. 

Can I earn credit(s) from submitting my receipt(s) to the KFR text short-code or KFR email address?

No. In order to earn credit for your purchase, you must upload a picture of your receipt(s) to www.KFR.com/EsportsArena. Receipts texted or emailed to KFR will only earn KFR points, not a promotion credit or reward

I submitted my receipt to KFR.com. I earned KFR points, but why didn’t I earn my promotion credit?

In order to earn credit for your reward, you must upload a picture of your receipt(s) to www.KFR.com/EsportsArena. Receipts submitted to KFR.com will only earn KFR points, not promotion credit. If you already submitted your receipt to KFR.com, you can still re-submit that same receipt to www.KFR.com/EsportsArena in order to get your promotion credit.

Where can I go if I still have questions regarding the tournament? 

If you still have questions you are welcome to join our Halo Discord community and communicate with other players or ask questions