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Ladder Masters FAQ

    Mogul: Ladder Masters FAQ

    What is the Ladder Masters?

    Ladder Masters is our brand new event that will take the place of most Mogul Quick Cup tournaments using our new challenge and defend tournament format, “Ladders“ -


    What will happen to Quick Cups tournament?

    We’ll begin reducing the total amount of Quick Cups available once Ladder Masters starts on December 16th 2019. We will not remove any of the VIP tournaments, in fact, we will be working to increase what’s available to Mogul VIP subscribers in the coming months.


    Will I need to pay to play in the Ladder Masters?

    Not at all! The Ladder Masters tournaments are free to play! What are you waiting for? Go ahead, sign in and win the prize!


    We’ll run the Ladder Masters in 2 regions, SEA and ANZ, the tournaments will be restricted to each region, make sure to register to the right one!

    Ladder Masters Hub

    We have a hub page specially for the Ladder Masters, in the hub you’ll see all the Ladder Masters tournament we’re running. Check it out!

    SEA hub page

    ANZ hub page


    When does the Ladder Masters start and finish?

    Registration is now open! You’ll be able to challenge each other from December 16 2019 (GMT+8) and end on January 25 2019, 1:00am GMT+8

    What game are we running for the Ladder Masters?

    SEA Ladder Masters

    1. Hearthstone
    2. Mobile Legends
    3. League of Legends
    4. Arena of Valor
    5. CS:GO

      ANZ Ladder Masters

      1. Rainbow 6 Siege
      2. Tekken 7
      3. CS:GO
      4. League of Legends
      5. Fortnite


      All competitors in the top 50 will receive a bunch of Razer Silver! With Razer Silver you can trade it with a lot of cool stuff from Razer Store, such as a gaming mouse, keyboard, or a headset!


      How do the Ladder Masters work?

      Once you have registered to the Ladder Masters tournament, you’ll automatically be secured a spot on the ladder.

      As soon as the Ladder Masters starts, you will be eligible to start making challenges or be challenged. At the end of each month, prizes will be awarded to the top placements.

      Good Luck and Have Fun!