Ladders: Instant Challenge

    Can I challenge an opponent to compete immediately?

    Yes, if both you and your opponent’s Instant Challenge status is activated within the same ladder tournament, you are able to challenge and compete immediately!


    To be eligible for an Instant Challenge simply go to the ladder and you will see the option to toggle on or off your Instant Challenge state within your information bar at the top of any ladder. Click to activate it.


    The yellow lightning bolt will be shown within the ladder on the left side of the challenge button if a participant has chosen to enable instant challenges. 


    When challenging an opponent to an Instant Challenge, you will want to start by selecting the team that you wish to challenge. Within the challenge screen, be sure to toggle on the Instant Challenge option. This will ensure that the challenge sent to your opponent is set up for instant play. 


    Can I request them to play instantly If their Instant Challenge is not activated?

    Unfortunately no, only teams with the lightning symbol on can be challenged for Instant Challenge.