PUG-Style Registration

    No pre-made? No problem! Introducing PUG-style tournament registration. 

    Whether you’re solo or only need one more, let Mogul’s PUG-style registration fill the gap. Meet new people, form new alliances (we know what we did there!) and take the challenge to those pesky pre-mades. 


    Join the Solo Queue 

    1. Navigate to any team-based tournament.
    2. Click on Register Now.
    3. Select I am solo.
    4. Choose your skill level. 
    5. Let your new teammates know how to best contact you, through Discord of course!
    6. Then sit back and read the tournament rules – seriously that’s pretty important. 
    7. We’ll take over from here and match your brand new team up with other great solo players!


    Invite Friends to Your New PUG Team 

    1. Select the gear icon next to You’re Registered.
    2. From the dropdown, choose Manage Team.
    3. Click + Invite Members.
    4. Invite your friend! If they are not yet on Mogul, invite them via email, otherwise enter your friends Mogul username. 


    Entry Fees 

    You didn’t sign up solo just to be the team’s personal ATM, don’t worry we’ve got that covered.  If a tournament has an entry fee, you pay your share (entry fees divided by team size, so if it's $2.00 entry for a team and a team size of 4, you will pay $0.50 to enter solo). If you leave the queue before the tournament starts, you will be refunded into your personal Mogul Wallet, not the team’s wallet. Great news!

    If the ladder tournament completes or the tournament starts and you were never placed with a team you will be refunded as well! 


    PUG Team Limitations 

      • PUG teams do have limitations in that they cannot withdraw money from the team wallet.  Players can, however, deposit money so that they can join other tournaments as a pre-made team.
      • When a PUG team wins a cash prize, instead of going to the team wallet as it would normally, it will be evenly split amongst members of that team.
      • A PUG team is temporary and has limitations, but if you play well with your new-found team, the team captain can convert it into a permanent team and remove limitations. 


      To all our new found mercenaries out there, GLHF!