1. Go to https://mogul.gg/ and find a tournament that you would like to compete in. Don’t have an account yet? Follow these steps to sign up!

  2. Click ‘Register Now’ (as shown below).

  3. If you have yet to validate the game, you will be required to add your game tag as shown below.

  4. Depending on the game, some may require you to log on to your account. For example, in Dota 2, you will need to log on to your Steam account.

  5. After successful validation, you are now registered for the tournament.
    1. If Waitlist is enabled on this tournament. 
      A notification will appear on the upper part of your screen after a successful registration.

      You will be required to check-in to the tournament before it starts. Be sure you go back to the tournament page to check-in for the tournament between the time the tournament starts (image #2) and when check-in opens (image #1). 

    2. If Waitlist is disabled on this tournament. 
      You will not be required to check-in to the tournament before it starts, but you will still need to return at the tournament start time or scheduled match time for Round 1.

  6. A check-in button will be available before the tournament starts. Don’t forget to check-in as failure to do so will lead to automatic disqualification. However, the check-in button will not be present when the standby mode is disabled. The standby mode allows a player to register despite meeting the maximum participants. To learn more information about the standby mode, please refer to this link.

    Should the tournament meet the max registration, you can still sign up for the standby list. However, a check-in button will not be available unless someone else didn’t check-in. Hence, a spot will be given to you in exchange for players who failed to check-in.


  7. After the tournament starts, you’ll be able to see the brackets, your opponent, and upcoming matches. See the images below for an example:


  8. Some tournaments will require you to add your friends/opponents in the lobby. Meanwhile, some tournaments are automated and will give you a server to connect to. Please refer to the table below for more information. Make sure you read the rules carefully for each specific tournament as it will let you know the procedure.
Automated Games Manual Games/Lobby needed to be hosted by either admin or player
Dota 2 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
CS:GO Arena of Valor

Brawl Stars

Rainbow 6: Siege
Clash Royale Hearthstone
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Starcraft
  Smash Ultimate
  League of Legends
  Apex Legends
  PUBG Mobile
  Auto Chess
  Dota: Underlords
  CoD: Mobile
  FIFA 20
  FIFA 21
  Free Fire
  Magic The Gathering Arena
  Rocket League
  Marvel Super Wars
  Tekken 7