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Rocket League: Score reporting

How to report your score

9898Submit your score

To keep things fair, after the match is over we’ll ask you to submit your score for each game, and require that you upload evidence to prove that your score is correct. Your opponent will need to approve the score you submit. Disputes may first be solved between players, but in the event that does not work, our tournament admins will review the match evidence. You will be notified of the outcome. Players are required to report both wins and losses, along with screenshot evidence of each game’s results.


After the match is completed, players are required to submit their score by clicking on the “Submit score” button 

In the “Submit the score” screen, players must enter both wins and losses.

Rocket League matches will be played on a Best-of-three basis, so players will need to enter the score for every game that has been played. A screenshot is required for reporting a score, please make sure to capture the result of every match.

Check your final score, and make sure it’s correct because you cannot edit it once it’s submitted. Then click “Submit score” when you’re ready to go. 

The Submit score button will be clickable only when all match evidence has been uploaded, please make sure you have uploaded all screenshots!

How do I report a score if the opponent got disconnected?

If the opposite team was disconnected before you finished all the games and they don’t reconnect within 5 minutes, please make sure to capture a disconnection message from the top left of your screen, and then upload it as match evidence.


Confirming a Score

Once the score has been reported by the opposing team, in the case that you’ve lost we will ask you to confirm the reported score. If the score doesn’t seem right and you want to dispute it, you can do so by choosing the “This is wrong” option.


Note: You have 5 minutes to confirm or dispute a score, or the score will be automatically confirmed


Once you choose to dispute the score, you will be asked to input the correct score along with the screenshot.

After the score has been submitted, your dispute will be raised to the admin team, take some breath while we are working on it. 

When the dispute has been resolved you will receive a message saying “Your dispute has been resolved” 

How do I take a screenshot?

Rocket League screenshots can be taken once the match is completed. Here’s a sample screenshot of what you need to submit:

This screenshot can be taken at the end of the match, where it shows all of the players’ names and scores.

Please make sure to capture a screenshot, we will not accept the score without a screenshot.