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Street Fighter V Tournament Rules



Play and compete against the best Street Fighter V players in the US for a chance to win a prize weekly, earn your spot in the finals with a $10k prize pool, and even win a trip to the ReWired Festival!

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Sweepstakes Rules

Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and Washington, D.C. (i.e., excluding Guam, Puerto Rico, and all other U.S. territories and possessions), who are physically located and residing therein

Each "Entrant" must be at least thirteen (13) years of age at the time of entry. If the entrants are under the legal age of majority you must obtain their parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate

Read the full Sweepstakes rules here

Acceptance of the official rules and guidelines

Mogul and ReWired appreciate your support and participation in the tournament. By signing up, you agree to comply with the following guidelines. These official rules may be updated by Mogul and Rewired at any time without prior notice. Updates may include further clarification, correction of rules, and changes to the applicable law.

Mogul and Rewired reserve the right to suspend or correct the Rewired Festival if the tournament's operations are compromised. Decisions are made at the sole discretion of the tournament organizers. The tournament organizers reserve the right to revoke the rights of players/teams to participate if they are found to be violating the rules.


  • Players must provide their correct Fighter ID as used in Street Fighter V; otherwise, your opponent will not be able to send you the battle invitation. Failure to provide the correct Fighter ID will result in disqualification.
  • Every participant must perform any necessary updates or installations before the game. Any delays that impact the flow of the tournament will result in disqualification.

Player Responsibility 

  • Player A:
    The player on the left side is instructed to create the game lobby. Once the lobby is set up, player A must invite player B to the game lobby using the Fighter ID  provided by player B.
  • Player B:
    The player on the right side must accept the game invitation and ready up.

Score Submission

  • At the end of the match, both players are asked to submit scores along with a screenshot of the match result. Before submitting the scores, players must make sure they are accurate. 
  • Once one player has submitted the score, the other player will be asked to confirm that score; if the score is not correct, you can open a dispute.
    [How to report a score & Make a dispute]


Once your opponent has reported the score, players are allowed to make a dispute by choosing the “This Is Wrong” button when presented with the reported score. The admin team will review the disputed scores and make a decision based on uploaded evidence, after which, if you still have concerns. you should address your inquiries to support@rewiredfest.com or message us through live chat.


  • When the opponent gets disconnected, the remaining player must not leave the lobby and will be responsible for inviting the opponent back to the lobby. Unless 5 minutes have passed and the opponent is still not coming back then you will win by default.
  • The disconnecting player will lose the entire game not only that specific round, the disconnected player must attempt to reconnect within 5 minutes or you will be forfeited
    Ex. The game is best-of-three, if you disconnected the first game you will lose 1 game then you can reconnect to continue the second game.
  • In case if the disconnected player is not the host, you can reconnect to the lobby by accepting the same invite that was sent by the host
  • If the disconnecting player did not come back within 5 minutes, the win will go to the opponent. The remaining player must capture a screenshot of the lobby that included a message that the opponent has left the lobby and upload it as a match evidence

       Game Rules

      • All matches will be played using Street Fighter’s Battle Lounge
      • The game will be played in BO3
      • Set Map to Random

      Lobby settings

      • Rounds: 3
      • Timer: 99 seconds
      • Victory setting: First to 2

      Lounge settings:

      • Number of players: 2
      • Character select: ON
      • Hardware settings: No preference
      • Private slots: 1
      • Password: Any
      • Connection restrictions: None