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Street Fighter V: Score reporting

How to report your score


Submit your score

To keep things fair, after the match is over we’ll ask you to submit your score for each game, and require that you upload evidence to prove that your score is correct. Your opponent will need to approve the score you submit. Disputes may first be solved between players, but in the event that does not work, our tournament admins will review the match evidence. You will be notified of the outcome. Players are required to report both wins and losses, along with screenshot evidence of each game’s results.

Upload evidence

To legitimize scores that have been submitted, we’ll need screenshots of your match. In order to capture a screenshot of your match results, you’ll need to do the following:

1.  On the Street Fighter V menu, navigate to your Fighter Profile.

2.  Go to your Battle Log (the last tab), and select Battle Lounge.

3.  The Battle Lounge section will display your most recent matches. Select the match that you have just finished.

4.  Once you open the match you have just finished, you should see the screen above.
This is the screen we need a screenshot of in order to validate your score.



The process of uploading your screenshot will vary depending on which platform you’re using. The following are the upload processes for each platform.

PC [Steam]

1.  On Steam, you can capture a screenshot by pressing F12 on your keyboard. After that, open Steam, and select View from the top menu. Then select Screenshots.

2. Once the Screenshot uploader appears, select Street Fighter V
and you will see a list of screenshots that you have taken.

3. From this page, click Show on disk to open the folder where your screenshot is located.

4. Select Submit score on the Road to ReWired match screen, which will open the score submission modal. Drag the screenshot from your folder into the Insert Evidence section, or use the Browse files to manually choose a screenshot from your PC.

5. Make sure you have reported the correct score with the right screenshots, then hit a Submit score button to complete!

PS4 & PS5

If you are playing from PS4 or PS5, there are several ways to upload your screenshots: The easiest way to upload your screenshots is by using your mobile device.

Upload screenshot using Mobile Device

Use your phone camera
1. Use your phone to take a photo of your game result. Be sure all the details are clear and legible, and that you capture the full screen.

2. Select Submit score on the match screen, which will open the score submission modal. Use the Browse files to upload the photo of the screen manually. 

3. Wait for the upload to complete, and click Submit score to finalize!

Getting screenshots from Twitter

You can get the best solution of screenshots from your Playstation by using Twitter

Note: You must have a Twitter account linked to your console in order to upload a screenshot to Twitter

To link your Twitter account to your PlayStation, follow the instructions below, depending on whether you’re using a PS4 or PS5. 

  • PS4: (Settings) > [Account Management] > [Link with Other Services] > Twitter
  • PS5: (Setings) > [Users and Accounts] > [Link with Other Services] > Twitter

You will be redirected to login into your Twitter account. After you have your account linked, complete the following steps to upload the match results to Twitter: 

1. Once you have navigated to the match result screen within Street Fighter V, press the Share button from your controller and capture a screenshot.

2. Go to Media gallery or Capture gallery to choose the screenshot that you want to upload.

3. Press the Share button, and choose to upload it to your Twitter account.

4. Once it’s uploaded to Twitter, open Twitter from your phone or PC and save the screenshot you’ve just uploaded.

5. Open up ReWired page, select Submit score which will open the score submission modal. Use the Browse files to upload the photo of the screen manually. 

6. Wait for the upload to complete, and click Submit score to finalize!

Confirm a score

Once the score has been reported, in the case if you’re lost we will ask you to confirm the score that was reported from the opponent. If the score doesn’t seem right and you want to dispute, you can do it by choosing the “This is wrong” option.

Note: You have 5 minutes to confirm or dispute a score, or the score will be automatically confirmed

Dispute a score

Once you choose to dispute the score, you will be asked to input the correct score along with the screenshot.

After the score has been submitted, your dispute will be raised to the admin team, take some breath while we are working on it. 

When the dispute has been resolved you will receive a message saying “Your dispute has been resolved” with the correct final score. Click “Ok” to close the window.