• Understanding Waitlist or  Standby list

      The waitlist is a state where players/Teams are placed if they happen to register to a tournament where the registration limit has been reached and standby is active. The waitlist will have a chance to participate in the tournament if the players/Teams who registered first fail to check-in. The waitlist is still rank based on whoever registered first after the limit has been reached.


      With regard to the waitlist, here are two options for tournaments on Mogul.


      Tournaments with Waitlist 

      • If tournament slots are already full, you will see a ‘Join waitlist’ button instead of the ‘Register’ button to join the queue.
      • Both confirmed players and waitlist will be required to check-in to the tournament before the scheduled start time. This is where the confirmed players will lose their slot if they fail to check in on time and those on the waiting list manage to check-in.


      NOTE: If the waitlist is enabled check-in is always required even when the tournament is not full.


      Tournaments without Waitlist

      If Waitlist is disabled, once the registration limit has been reached players/teams will no longer be allowed to register for the tournament.

      NOTE: If the waitlist is disabled, registered players will no longer be required to check-in during the tournament's scheduled start time. All they have to do is proceed to their respective Match lobbies and ready up for the match, failure to do so will result in disqualification.