• Waitlist

      What is the Waitlist? 

      The waitlist is where you will be placed if you have registered to a tournament after it has already reached its maximum capacity. When the waitlist is active, all competing teams will need to ‘check-in’ to the tournament before their first match to show they are there and ready to play. If a team fails to complete this tournament check-in process, their spot will be given to the next player or team in the waitlist.


      With regard to the waitlist, here are two options for tournaments on Mogul.


      Tournaments with Waitlist 

      • If waitlist is enabled on the tournament, a notification will appear on the upper part of your screen after a successful registration.
      • If tournament slots are already full, you will see a ‘Join waitlist’ button instead of the ‘Register’ button to join the queue.
      • Both confirmed players and waitlist  players will be required to check-in to the tournament before it starts, usually, the setting is 1 hour prior to the starting time. However, tournament organizers may choose a different check-in time. The check-in button will be available only when tournament check-in is available. As the tournament check-in time can change, be sure to check the tournament page for details on the check-in deadline.


      If waitlist is enabled check-in is always required even when the tournament is not full.


      Tournaments without Waitlist

      If Waitlist is disabled, you will not see the notification stating check-in time. Check-in will not be required for the tournament at all but you will still need to return to your match lobby at its scheduled time. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification.

      This message will appear right after the registration.

      After the tournament starts, you’ll be able to see the brackets, your opponent, and upcoming matches. See the images below for an example: