Step One: Navigating to your lobby.

When you go to the home page, you will have a notification letting you know its time to compete in your match, follow the notification and get to your match lobby. 


Follow the instructions in the rules and complete your match. 
Once your match has completed, it's time to submit your score!

Step Two: Entering your score
Click the circle button with the three horizontal lines in the bottom right of your screen, this will open a menu. 


Once you press the button, this screen will appear: 


Select "Report Score" by pressing the text, this will open the score submission page, seen here: 


Enter your score and your opponents score, if you need to add match evidence (screenshots of the scoreboard) you can also do that in this screen here as well by pressing the upload box and selecting the file you wish to upload. 

Once you have submitted your score and evidence, hit submit and your score is processed!
Wait for your opponent to submit a score confirming the outcome and you are ready to continue. 

Note: This demo was completed using Android, but will work in the same way with iOS.