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The Mogul mobile application: What it is and how to register to the closed beta

Learn more about Mogul's new app and Inscribe, the technology at its heart.

Note: Please be informed that the Test beta has been closed on Sunday March 7th, 2021.

Note: Thank you for your interest in participating in our closed beta for the Mogul mobile application. You may hear this referenced as the automated match statistic recognition (AMSR) application or Inscribe, both are partially correct.

AMSR is simply a catchy name for what we are doing; automating the process of collecting match results and statistics.
Inscribe is the name we have given to the process or particular methods we are using to accomplish this automation (it's really cool tech by the way).

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about this closed beta for a bit. 

We intend to start the closed beta on Monday, Dec 21. Please be on the lookout for an email containing an invite and instructions. Given that the Mogul app will be released as a limited-access closed beta and we are doing so with the pure intent of expediting access to your feedback, the probability to experience bugs exists. To ensure we can provide an acceptable experience, we may opt to delay our release date.

The app is available only to Android users and will require a minimum of 3GB of RAM.

The start date has been moved to Monday, Dec 21. 
- Sean M Dec 16, 3:30 pm EST

The app will require your permission to allow Mogul AI to read your Mobile's screen. It will only read your MLBB stats, and nothing else. Your privacy is our priority. 

Register for access to the Mogul mobile app closed beta here!


The esports landscape is changing, especially with the rise of mobile gaming and the constant demand for easily accessible esports tournaments. We've set out to deliver a quality experience in this space by leveraging our existing technical capabilities and creating new ones where necessary. One of the many solutions we arrived at when working through some of the observed problems was Inscribe; an interesting piece of tech that opens up a whole slew of capabilities that hadn't existed to us before. We are deploying this in our mobile app closed beta, but the applications for this extend beyond the mobile experience.   

Inscribe is a name we have prescribed for the process, methods, and tech that achieves an outcome, where the outcome is automated match statistic recognition, AMSR for short. In simple terms, it will record statistics for any match you play by leveraging  OCR technology, which in even simpler terms, will read text and images from your game screen. Don't challenge us to put it in even more simplerest terms, we will. For now, the closed beta will offer tournament play for MLBB, but Mogul will have support for more games in the future.  

But there is more. We will be changing the way tournaments are played.

The possibilities that exist through Inscribe are tremendous, at surface level it will provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to hosting tournaments and we can't wait to uncover more of the use cases for see and experience. We'd be remiss if we didn't also touch a bit on asynchronous (async) tournaments.

An async tournament opens up even more possibilities with regard to competitive play, we will be limited only by our own creativity and access to game statistics, also, you can wave bye to participation caps (buhbyee!). We may host timed tournaments where you will have 1 hour to rack up points across multiple titles. You may need to be a single genre guru specializing in FPS to earn points across Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six Siege, and Valorant or the tournament could require playing an FPS, RTS, and MOBA to identify the most skilled cross discipline gamer. The best part, you won't need to schedule matches nor will you need to wait around for your opponent to get back from the kitchen with their lightly fried fish fillets. 

All you need to do is play.

For the closed beta, all the players have to do is play MLBB. Mogul will record stats via Inscribe and the player with the top stats in their best 3 matches within the specified 12 hour period will be our winner. The players will be awarded MLBB Diamonds and the prizes will be distributed through the app itself. Here is the prize distribution breakdown:

Leaderboard Position






3 - 5


6 - 10


11 - 15


16 - 25


26 - 50


In the near future the capabilities of async will expand to support enhanced mechanics, new statistics, and various parameters to define a winner. We could for example, choose to look at statistics by game mode and opt for a PVE only competition.  The time frame, yet another variable that can be modified:
10 minute competition? (I don't know why, but sure you can do that.
30 minutes? (yep, no problem!)   
1 day? (are you even trying? Of course you can!)
Multiple months? (absolutely!)
1 year?! (indeed, you certainly can do that too.) 
2 years!?!? (woahh, slow down there killer! You might want to think this one through.)

Note: During initial testing stages, the app will not be connected to Mogul.gg. Account information will not be shared between the app and the platform and users will need to create a new account on the Mogul app even if they have registered on Mogul.gg.


How the Inscribe OCR can affect the tournament landscape

- M|Rud

Thanks to mobile gaming, people across the world are engaging more in esports and related activities, online tournaments being one of them. The OCR offered by Inscribe is a promising tech that could make esports tournaments accessible for a large number of people. You wouldn't need to take screenshots, record match stats or contact administrators to report scores. You also wouldn't have to contact anyone for the prizes to be credited to you, Inscribe will do it for you automatically.

When you pair it with the Async format, the possibilities are endless. Being able to play a tournament whenever I want against anyone in the world, not restricted by time or region? Sign me up.

OCR will make participating in online tournaments a breeze and might make them more common than they already are.

But that is not all. The OCR tech is a versatile tech that can be scaled even for professional tournaments. Real-time tracking of everything that is going down on the screen will open up a whole new dimension for analysis across various games. 

But that is for the future. For now, I am looking forward to how easy this will make to host large scale online tournaments.