Tournament Creation Wizard FAQ


    What is Tournament Creation Wizard Beta?

    Tournament Creation Wizard allows you to create your own tournament from scratch.  Within 3 simple steps you will have your own tournament available to share with your friends, with hassle free admin and it’s totally free!


    How do I create my own tournament?

    It’s easy, just follow the below steps:


    Step 1 - Choose your game

    Step 2 - Select your event type

    Step 3 - Fill in the event details

    Your tournament is now ready to share with your friends


    How do I share my tournament with my friends?

    Once you have set up your tournament an instant link will appear which can be sent out to your invites.


    Can I give out prizes?

    Yes you can but you will be responsible to manage your own prizing.  To inform your players of what prizes you have, enter the prizing details in the description section.


    Can I set up my own rules?

    The rules for each game will already be set however you will also be able add to these rules if you wish.


    Can I customise my tournament name?

    You will be able to customise your tournament name.   Click on the edit button to change your tournament name at any time.


    How many people can I have in my tournament?

    For Ladders format 512 players or teams can join.   For brackets up to 128 teams or 128 individual players can also join.


    How much does it cost to make my own tournament? 

    To create your own tournament is completely FREE and free for your friends to join!


    How come there's only a limited number of games to choose from when making my tournament? 

    We are in BETA phase but in the near future more games will become available to give you and your friends the best experience.


    Why are Ladders only available?

    As we are in BETA phase, we have limited tournament types at this stage but as you will see we have more tournament types to be released.   Keep your eye on our channels for more updates in when these will be available.


    How do I navigate to the admin panel to control my tournament?

    You can navigate to the admin panel by going to your tournaments home page and pressing the cog-wheel next to the ‘Register Now’ or ‘Tournament is Live!’ button in the top right, then selecting ‘Launch Admin Panel’. You will only be able to see this option for tournaments that you are an admin for.

    How can I contact everyone that has signed up to my tournament? 

    You can contact everyone who has signed up to your tournament by navigating to the admin panel and pressing the ‘New Announcement’ button.


    This will send a notification to all competitors in the tournament that they will see on their home page next to their profile picture.

    How do I edit my tournament details?

    You can edit your event at any time by just clicking on the EDIT button.

    How do I manually remove people from my tournament? 

    You can remove people from your tournament at any time by visiting the admin panel and clicking the ‘Manage Participants’ button. This will give you a list of participants in your tournament and the ability to remove them if you wish to do so.


    How do I start my tournament? 

    Your tournament will start automatically at it’s scheduled go live time which is set by you while configuring the tournament.

    If you wish to start your tournament early, you can do so by clicking the ‘Make Tournament Live’ button on the admin panel.


    Can I delay my tournament?

    Yes you can delay your tournament, you can do so by clicking edit and changing Start Date/Time.

    Be careful, once your tournament has started you cannot switch it from a ‘Live’ state back to a ‘Registration’ state!