Tournament Entry Requirements

Free to enter for anyone

This type of tournament does not require a ticket or membership. It’s free for everyone. To see these tournaments, filter out the Entry to ‘Free Entry Only’


Hub membership (Free)

There’s no cost for this type of membership, you’ll have access to all Free to play tournaments provided by the hub.

Hub membership (Subscription)

Subscription membership usually grants access to exclusive tournaments that only allow subscribers to join. Players will need to subscribe to the hub in order to join some specific tournaments. 

This type of subscription can be either paid or free, depending on each hub.

Hub membership (Subscription + ticket)

Subscription membership requires players to pay monthly to keep their membership status active.  Players will get both VIP status and Tickets to join the hub’s exclusive ticketed tournaments, the number of tickets you will get from subscription can vary from 3 tickets to unlimited tickets.

This type of membership usually grants access to more exclusive tournaments that only allow paid and ticketed subscribers to join. There might be some exclusive perks such as giveaways, Discord access, badges and either bigger prize pools or, both cash and gaming gear as your prize.