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Tournament Registration using Mobile

    Signing up for a Mogul tournament using your mobile device is easy, follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to competing in no time!

    Open your favourite internet browser to get start, in this case - we will be using Google Chrome. 


    Step one: Getting to Mogul
    Navigate to the Mogul home page at www.mogul.gg


    Step two: Logging in
    You will then need to click the three horizontal lines in the top left hand corner to get to the menu.

    Tap the “Login” button on the menu to go to the login screen. 

    Enter your details and press “Login”.
    If you don’t have an account, select “Create an Account” to get started.

    Step Three: Finding your tournament.
    Once you are logged in, go to the search bar and enter some keywords, in this case we will use “MLBB” as we want to play in a Mobile Legends tournament. Press the drop down on the right hand side of the search bar to get more filter options such as region, status, game title and more.



    Step Four: Joining your tournament
    Once you have found the tournament you wish to join, you should see a tournament card with some information about the tournament.


    Press the tournament card anywhere to be taken to the tournament page. 


    Once on the tournament page, press the “Register Now” button at the top of the page to join.
    If you have followed these steps correctly, you will get a confirmation message pop up telling you that you have successfully joined.

    You’re now registered for the tournament! Be sure to read the rules and get ready to compete, best of luck in your next Mogul tournament!

    Note: This tutorial was completed using Android but the process is the same for iOS.