Understanding MOSS Anti-Cheat

    What is MOSS?

    MOSS is a client-side anti-cheat that captures screenshots, activity logs and game information and stores it on your computer in a zip file. This zip file can then be sent to administrators for review if needed.

    Why do I need to run MOSS?

    We require some titles/tournaments to utilise MOSS for fair-play and competitive integrity reasons, check the rules of the tournament you’re in to see if you need to run MOSS or not.

    How long do I need to keep a MOSS ZIP file? 

    We require you to keep each MOSS zip file available for up to 30 days post-match.

    Do I need to upload it after every match?

    No, you only need to upload and send the file to an admin if they directly request it. We will only ask for the file if there has been a dispute towards your game and we wish to investigate further.

    Are my opponents entitled to my file?

    No, opponents and even your own teammates are not entitled to see your file, only admins will review the file and have access to it once you submit it.

    What if I don’t run MOSS?

    If you don’t run MOSS you may be given a warning or disqualified depending on the situation. If you frequently forget to run MOSS you may receive a match cooldown.

    What if my MOSS does not work?

    Again, you may receive a warning or a disqualification if we request the file and you do not have it. It is your responsibility to ensure MOSS is working before the match.

    Where can I download it? 

    You can download MOSS here: