A Branded Hub is a tool created for select partners of Mogul. With this, partners can manage and customize their own personalized page, choose which tournaments to display and more!


How can I customize my hub page?

On the upper right part of your screen, look for “Edit Page” and click it. 



The following are sections available for your customization:

Brand Management - A section where you can edit hub’s name, customize colors, and add essential information about hub. Under this link, you can see the following options:

  • Title
  • Website URL
  • Logo Name
  • Background Image
  • Social Share Image
  • Primary Color


Banners - A place where you can upload an image containing information about the tournament.

  • Date and time of tournament
  • Platform
  • Rewards
  • FAQ


Event - A section to display and organize your tournaments. The following details are displayed:

  • Entry
  • Region
  • Platform
  • Date and Time
  • Prize


Social - Social media is the new market. Therefore, we added an option to include your Facebook page, Twitter link, and Twitch channel URL.

Sponsors - Under this section, you can add the sponsor’s name and their respective logo. Rearranging is possible by dragging it.

Stream - Fill in your featured stream ID and enable it to showcase your live streams. Disabling this option is possible by toggling on/off.


What will the hubs look like?

The Plays has a great hub page built out already! Head over to https://mogul.gg/hub/ThePlays to see it first hand. New changes are made and tournaments added often.  



How can I get my own Branded Hub?

Select partners will be the first to receive their own Branded Hub! We are always looking for new partners and ambassadors to bring fresh and exciting tournament content to Mogul. Reach out to us at support@mogul.gg to inquire about becoming an ambassador or partner; the first step to having your very own Branded Hub.